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Which table are Notre Dame fans sitting at for lunch?

Choose wisely.

Terra Scientia youth educational forum in Moscow Region, Russia Photo by Vladimir Gerdo\TASS via Getty Images

It’s been a slow news day so far for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, so let me point out a tweet from friend of the site, Jessica Smetana. Jessica is hard at work over at Sport Illustrated as a producer and co-host of the popular Most Valuable Podcast along with Charlotte Wilder — but she always has time to make the Notre Dame Twittersphere an enjoyable place to be as Meme Lord Supreme.

This is a popular meme running through social media right now and it asks which lunch table would you choose to sit at on any given day.

  1. Mike Brey & Doug Flutie
  2. Digger Phelps & Doug Gotlieb
  3. Real Rudy & Movie Rudy
  4. Rudy’s dick brother & Jaylon Smith
  5. The entire Golic Family & the 2014 refs for the ND game against the Florida State Seminoles
  6. Muffet & Rabid campus squirrel
  7. Jerome Bettis & Nicholas Sparks
  8. Charlie Weis & Steve Bartman
  9. Lil’ Sebatian & Excise Police

Give it some thought and let us know in the comments below. As for my choice:

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