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OFD Podcast: A very SOLID Notre Dame episode with Ty Hildenbrandt

AN Irish chat with the “better half” of the Solid Verbal duo.

Mike Tirico & Doug Flutie
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Josh and Jude (Double J if you will) welcome Ty Hildenbrandt from the Solid Verbal Podcast to the show. Ty is a lifelong fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and we’re giving him a chance to break from the shackles of a national show, to taste that sweet, sweet freedom of going full homer for an hour or so. In this episode we talk about:

  • A Kyle Hamilton tattoo
  • The Phil Jurkovec situation
  • Notre Dame storylines
  • NBC Broadcasts and Doug Flutie’s wardrobe
  • The weird start to the Irish football season
  • Michigan Wolverines (suck)
  • The college football playoff and its effect on the sport
  • Measuring the Notre Dame hate
  • 30,000 foot view of the season
  • Overrated vs Underrated
  • Taco vs Burrito

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