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I should have posted one of these for Friday night, so I want to start with an apology right away. I mean, where did y’all go to laugh about the Purdue Boilermakers losing to the Nevada Wolfpack? How about the Michigan State Spartans giving up -73 rushing yards to Tulsa? That Sparty win spawned this headline — which is just incredible.

It got weird, and that’s because football is back.

I know we are all on edge waiting for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to open the season in Kentucky against the Louisville Cardinals, but our consolation prize is a Saturday (two actually) of college football with no commitment. Obviously the fact that the Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers are playing in Texas instead of The Plains or Autzen is a drag — but we’ll just have to make due.

The thread is open below for all your college football venting needs. We’re almost there y’all... it’s going to be just fine. I love you [pounds chest and spills a White Claw all over my sleeveless hoodie]. Have a fantastic college football Saturday.