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Notre Dame Football Haiku and Limerick Too: The Louisville Cardinals

The poetry throwdown returns for a 6th year of eligibility.

It’s a labor day game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Louisville Cardinals and we are all on edge — get this season ROLLING. So many questions are about to be answered in just a few days. If one of those questions was if we were bringing this “feature” back for another season... well, you’re damn right we are.


3P0’s red eyes,
Not as scary as bird teeth,
This is wookie food.

The season is here,
Kyle Hamilton snags two picks,
Greg Flammang is pleased.

No stache Ian Book,
Irish are road favorites,
Dropping dimes to Finke

The Irish have a back named Jones
And you might want to start dialing the phones
As the game gets later and later
He gives a wink to all of his haters
And he makes his home in the endzones.

Think you can do better? Of course you do because you probably can! Submit your own haikus and limericks in the comment section below.

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