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Notre Dame Football Power Rankings: Week Zero was all about chicken sacks and still Kyle Hamilton

Other things too.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

School is back and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in game week mode for the Louisville Cardinals. OH MY GOD Y’ALL... it’s happening. So now that we have that going on, the Power Rankings will be updated weekly for the rest of the year.

Keep in mind that this isn’t exactly a top 10 — nor is it a bottom 10. In fact... it may not even be anything in between. It’s 10 things, but “Power Rankings” is a much more powerful name, and dammit we are going to ride some power.

1. Kyle Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton has as much preseason hype as any of Notre Dame’s previous 5-Star freshman from recent memory, and perhaps it is even greater given the reports from fall camp. It will take the game against the Cardinals to really see what we have in Hamilton, but for fight now, he appears to be heavily involved in Nickel and Dime situations. With a Notre Dame pass rush that we think will be pretty incredible this year, Hamilton should have a chance to live up to all the hype.

2. The AP Poll looking like yuck

College football kicked things off on Saturday with its Week Zero matchups. The biggest game of the day was the Miami-Florida Hurricanes taking on the #8 ranked Florida Gators in Orlando. The game was pure trash. It was entertaining, but in no way did it prove the voters right to have Florida ranked in the Top 25. If Miami was starting 2 freshman tackles, this would have been a Canes victory. Gators lose at least 4 this year.

3. Jewelry

Miami couldn’t be any more ON BRAND than when they unveiled the Touchdown Ringz (knuckles) in a loss where they allowed 10 sacks. TEN SACKS Y’ALL. Look good while winning from the 80’s is now look ridiculous while losing in 2019. Lookout for the belt buckle in 2020 to match the rings and chain as the Canes go 4-8.

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

4. ESPN’s History of Us

I had my doubts before ESPN broadcasted their new documentary, “History of Us in College Football.” 150 years is a long time, and that’s an extremely broad subject to cover properly. After watching it... I was impressed. I thought they did a pretty decent job of covering as many different part of college football in one program. This has me more encouraged that they will put out more good content for our celebration year.

5. Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer 2

It is real and it is magnificent.

6. Popeyes VS Chick-fil-A

The chicken sandwich war is fully full-on and all you can do is take each sandwich out for a test drive a couple of dozen times. It’s worth it.

7. Chase Claypool as Michael Floyd

I can’t get the comparison out of my head since The Athletic’s Pete Sampson went on the Irish Illustrated Podcast and said that Claypool reminded him of Michael Floyd. At first it is easy to dismiss, but Sampson isn’t me. When he makes an outrageous statement or comparison, there is some weight behind it (despite Pete maybe weighing like 150 pounds). I’m excited about it — like Ron Burgundy hooking up with Veronica Corningstone excited.

8. Non NBC Opener

Despite Notre Dame playing a very down (bu maybe rising) team for its first game of the season, there should be a ton of media coverage. It’s the labor day game and ESPN is putting a lot of resources behind the broadcast. This means that the ESPN talking heads will be forced to talk about the Irish — which isn’t always the case when the Irish start the season against a no-namer at home. For all the crap I’ve given the start of the season in regards to the schedule, this should work nicely.

9. More loyal than ever

I liked the entire captain selection for Notre Dame in 2019 when it was announced, but the more i think about it... the more I really like it. If nothing else, it’s a testament to the SWAT Team program the Irish have in place to help develop leadership on the team. As a whole, the selections of Ian Book, Julian Okwara, Khalid Kareem, Alohi Gilman, Jalen Elliott, Chris Finke, and Robert Hainsey make up one of the more formidable group of captains in recent memory.

10. Living that HOMEBOY life

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