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BREAKING Taio Cruz Update: Notre Dame Assistant Band Director Sam Sanchez Shows His True Colors

We have groundbreaking updates to the Taio Cruz investigation that you have to see to believe

Taio Cruz Visits Young Hollywood Studios Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage


We have breaking news on the Taio Cruz/British Royal Family/Notre Dame Fighting Irish marching band front.

You may recall that last week I published an in-depth investigative report into why the ND band still plays Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” roughly 9 years after its original release. Various theories were bandied about, multiple eye-opening quotes were provided by my friends Kaitlin Horsch, Kevin Eller, and Kenny Matuszewski, and ultimately my research landed upon one specific theory that I had a HUNCH was true, but couldn’t DEFINITIVELY prove.

That is, until now.

One Foot Down editor Jude Seymour was in contact with one of his unnamed sources inside the Notre Dame band, and was sent the below GIF.

Sam Sanchez revealing his true colors
GIF Credit: An anonymous band member

Pretty run-of-the-mill GIF of Assistant Band Director Sam Sanchez in front of his crew, preparing them for all the great band performances that await us this fall — right?

Wait...Sam Sanchez, you say?

The man named various times in the aforementioned Pat Rick Report due to his NUMEROUS connections to Britain and Taio Cruz?

Time to fire up the Enhance Machine.



You guys...that looks like...

No — it couldn’t be.

Could it?

Let’s get a closer look.

Computer, ENHANCE!!!!!!


This photographic evidence alone, though, wasn’t all that our talented team over at OFD uncovered in their follow-up research.

One Foot Down writer Matt Greene poked around with his own anonymous sources, and received the below confirmation of, and elaboration on, Sam Sanchez’s clear and present conspiratorial connection with Europe, Great Britain, the British Royal Family, and of course, Taio Cruz and his hit song from 2010, “Dynamite.”

An unnamed source confirms Sanchez’s recent reveal via text message
Photo Credit: another anonymous band member

To say this is a momentous addition to an already enthralling and incredibly compelling investigation would be an understatement.

Sam Sanchez — decorated and accomplished Assistant Band Director of the University of Notre Dame Marching Band — has HIMSELF confirmed that he’s in cahoots with America’s former rulers and an early-2010s British music star in an attempt to keep alive a good song from nine years ago that has otherwise been long forgotten by anyone who isn’t still trying to rhyme Manti Te’o’s name with pop song lyrics.

So, with all this said, I guess that wraps up the mystery of why the Notre Dame band continues to play Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” during football games. Clearly, Sam Sanchez is working with Cruz and with the British monarchy in order to continue to inject our lives with that song for the foreseeable future.

Although...this honestly all ended a little TOO clean, ya know?

It seems odd that Sanchez would so quickly admit his involvement in an international conspiracy. Could there be more here? Could he be the fall guy for a faceless shadow government who’s really pulling the strings?

I have no idea, but would love to hear your thoughts.

Please fill out the poll below, and also leave comments in the comments section, to let me know how you feel about this unbelievable discovery and what it means for getting to the bottom of why “Dynamite” is still played so often by the Notre Dame band.


How do you feel about Sam Sanchez revealing that he is, indeed, involved in a British conspiracy to prop up Taio Cruz’s hit song "Dynamite"?

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  • 59%
    This was too easy and something seems fishy here...I think this goes deeper than even Pat Rick knows
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