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Play Fantasy *College* Football With Notre Dame Fans and the One Foot Down Staff

If you’ve always wanted to play fantasy football, but loathe the NFL, this is your chance.

In this photo illustration the Yahoo! logo is seen displayed... Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Update: League is full. Thanks to alec, Joseph, Casey, NCIrish, Jack, Jacob, The Emperor, deanne, John, Ted, Dillon, daltoncgross, eLrOy, gabe, Chris, Robert, Adam, Conor and Brian for joining us. I anticipate having openings for our Year One keeper league. If you want to take over a team, email me at jude1128 at gmail dot com

Yahoo! launched a new fantasy product for college football last year, and we’d like you to join us for our second season.

One Foot Down has created a free College Fantasy Football league. We’re not allowed to offer prizes, but smack talk is perfectly acceptable.

We’ll have 20 teams comprised of players from the Power Five and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (65 teams total). There’s 15 player slots, with nine starting positions: quarterback, running back, running back, wide receiver, wide receiver, tight end, flex (wide receiver/running back/tight end), kicker and a defense/special teams.

The season starts Aug. 24, so we’ll be drafting at 9:30 p.m. Eastern on Aug. 22 to accommodate our potential west coast players. You’ll get 90 seconds to make your pick and we’ll hopefully have this whole thing wrapped up before Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel go on air.

Invite link here.

Don’t delay. The league tends to fill up fast.

I’ve also recently sent invites to our Year One participants. If they’re not interested in continuing this year, I will offer an opportunity to anyone who gets shut out of this league to take over one of last year’s teams and “keep” some of their players. So, if that’s you, email me to reserve your spot.

The rest is just details. Questions? Leave them below.



League Name: One Foot Down

Select Your Draft Type: Live Standard Draft

Draft Time: Thur, Aug. 22 9:30 p.m. EDT

Scoring Type: Head-to-Head

Draft Time Per Pick: 1 Minute, 30 Seconds

Max Teams: 20

League Start Week: 1

Can’t Cut List: Yahoo Sports

Max Acquisitions per Season: No maximum

Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum

Invite Sharing Tools: Enabled

Playoffs: Week 11, 12 and 13 (8 teams)

Playoff Reseeding: Yes

Divisions: No

Lock Eliminated Teams: Yes

League Pickem: Yes

Fractional Points: Yes

Negative Points: Yes

Make league publicly viewable: Yes

Roster Changes: Daily - Tomorrow


Trade Reject Time: 1 day

Trade End Date: Oct 26, 2019

Allow Draft Pick Trades: No

Trade Review: League Votes


Waiver Time: 1 day

Waiver Type: Weekly rolling list based on standings

Weekly Waivers: Sunday - Tuesday

Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules



Quarterback (QB): 1

Wide Receiver (WR): 2

Running Back (RB): 2

Tight End (TE): 1

Wide Receiver/Running Back/Tight End (W/R/T): 1

Kicker (K): 1

Defense/Special Teams (DEF): 1

Bench (BN): 6

Injured List: 1

Total Roster Size 15



Passing Yards: 25 yards per point

Passing Touchdowns: 4

Interceptions: -1

Rushing Yards: 10 yards per point

Rushing Touchdowns: 6

Receptions: 0.5

Receiving Yards: 10 yards per point

Receiving Touchdowns: 6

Return Touchdowns: 6

2-Point Conversions: 2

Fumbles Lost: -2

Offensive Fumble Return TD: 6


Field Goals 0-19 Yards: 3

Field Goals 20-29 Yards: 3

Field Goals 30-39 Yards: 3

Field Goals 40-49 Yards: 4

Field Goals 50+ Yards: 5

Point After Attempt Made: 1


Sack: 1

Interception: 2

Fumble Recovery: 2

Touchdown: 6

Safety: 2

Block Kick: 2

Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6

Points Allowed 0 points: 10

Points Allowed 1-6 points: 7

Points Allowed 7-13 points: 4

Points Allowed 14-20 points: 1

Points Allowed 21-27 points: 0

Points Allowed 28-34 points: -1

Points Allowed 35+ points: -4