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“Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!”

“I’m Back” - Bobby Norell

Ball State v Notre Dame
BK when he found out I’m back (probably)

Hello everybody, my name is Bobby Norell and I’m joining rejoining the staff here at OFD. If you don’t remember, I wrote for this site from 2016-2018 and wrote with Joshua for another site before that.

For the past two years I was working very time demanding job in college athletics, which caused me to step away from the site. I recently make a career change, which has freed up more time and has allowed me to return to all of you here at OFD.

I’ll hope to be doing a little bit of everything in my return; covering football, basketball, a little bit of graphic design work and maybe even contributing to this new and improved OFD Podcast.

Notre Dame is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. Even though, I didn’t attend ND (Go Hoosiers) it is a place that is special to me and my family. My grandpa and dad both attended the University, as did other family members. I have family and close friends who work there, so the ties run deep. To me, Notre Dame is synonymous with family.

To tell you a little about myself, as I mentioned I recently wrapped a two-year stint working in college athletics as an SID. I’m originally from Elkhart, Ind., but currently reside in the thick of Georgia Bulldog territory in Atlanta, Ga. (and yes I will be in attendance in Athens on Sept. 21st). Outside of the Irish, my interests are baseball, specifically the Chicago White Sox (#SOXTOBER2020 you heard it here first) and exploring new places in Atlanta and Georgia.

Anyways, I would like to thank Joshua for having me back here at OFD. I’m excited to start back up and to do some new things this time around. We’re just 19 days from kickoff down in Louisville where Ian Book and his glorious stache (please keep it) will begin another playoff push. Go Irish!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @RENorell_III.