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Notre Dame Football: Irish and Under Armour reveal alternate 1988 uniforms for game against BC

Pants people will be happy.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Under Armour reveled an alternate uniform for the Senior Day game against the Boston College Eagles in November.

This completely blows my “Leahy Heritage” theory out of the water, but I’m not blown away by them either.

This is the 150th anniversary of college football, and honestly... I like my idea way better because Frank Leahy deserves far more credit than Irish fans ever give him.

Still though... it’s an attractive uniform. The mesh thing for the numbers has already been done by Adidas for Nebraska, and Under Armour is doing it for a few schools this year as well. They are also bringing back the shiny gold pants that a lot of people like, and they seem very close to what they had in 1988. The number font seems off though, but I would have to take a longer look at both the 1988 unis and the new alternates before pointing out real specifics.

The return of the black shoes is another nice touch, as it really has that late 80’s feel. So what do you think?


1988 throwbacks...

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Keep in mind that these are “throwback look” and not exact replicas — as is the industry standard. I’m not sure why I felt the need to say that, but some people take the work “throwback” a little too literally in these cases.