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Sign Up for FanPulse & Let’s Tell The World What Notre Dame Fans Think of the Top 25

It’s quick and easy, and it’s an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

There are certainties in life: death, taxes and Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans having strong opinions about college football polls.

Whether it’s premature playoff talk, bye week cheeseburgers, or bitching about Michigan’s position relative to ours, One Foot Down readers are perfect for FanPulse.

What’s FanPulse?

It’s Irish fans saying, “Screw the Associated Press or the coaches or the wannabe pundits on ESPN. We’ll decide you the best 25 teams in college football.”

It’s also you telling the college football community: “We’re confident — or we’re not confident — in the direction of the Irish team this year based on this past week’s performance.”

If you sign up tonight or Monday, your Top 25 ballot will be counted in the overall SB Nation preseason ballot as well as the one for Irish fans. We will be publishing the first national ballot and the one for our OFD community on Wednesday, so sign up now to have your voice included.

We’ll be publishing on Mondays during the season, so you’ll have a real time look at how Irish fans interpret both the game they watched as well as how others in the poll played around them.

We also encourage you to look at other SB Nation communities’ FanPulse survey results, especially the week before they play the Irish.

Here are some other sites that you may want to bookmark:

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Questions? Leave them below. This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about FanPulse, but with the deadline coming up we wanted to remind those who missed it the first time or were interested but didn’t actually follow through.