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Notre Dame Football: Cornerback Troy Pride Jr. makes Bruce Feldman’s “Freak List”

The speedy senior IS a freak.

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troy pride jr. notre dame football
Troy Pride Jr.
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

As each football season gets closer, Bruce Fledman releases his “Freak List.” Feldman, now with The Athletic has done this since the early 2000’s and describes his list as such:

Showcase guys who generate buzz inside their programs by displaying the type of rare physical abilities that wow even those folks who are used to observing gifted athletes every day.

Bruce is counting them down from 50, and has made it to #31 overall. Coming in at #37 is Troy Pride Jr. the starting field cornerback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The reasoning for Pride’s ranking is based almost purely on speed according to Feldman. Troy runs a 6.73 60 YD dash, a 10.5 100 YD dash, and a 4.32 40 YD dash.

We are all very aware (or at least you should be) of Pride’s tremendous gifts as a runner. The more important thing for Notre Dame football this fall, is that he is able to use that speed to be a more consistent cover man in the secondary — and a more consistent defender against the run. With the loss of Julian Love to the NFL Draft, the Irish need Pride to be that “FREAK” in the secondary in 2019.

Pride had 47 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 10 passes defended in 2018.