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Did Notre Dame knock Michigan QB Shea Patterson’s head loose?

Obviously... but did they HACK him down?

notre dame football shea patterson michigan wolverines
Shea Patterson in the first person
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Editor’s note: While I wasn’t aware when this story was published that the Twitter account that put this out there makes things up... I do now. Regardless, I stand by my statement that Notre Dame knocked Patterson’s head loose. Enjoy the fun below.

Sometimes there is just too much bullshit on social media to take seriously — or to ever cover properly. I’m not sure what level this story is on, but seeing as how the Notre Dame Fighting Irish still have to play the Michigan Wolverines in three months... I choose to report this about Shea Patterson:

I mean... the “I GOT HACKED” excuse is one of the oldest in the social media age, and by my rough estimate — that excuse is bullshit about 95% of the time.

Could it be that Notre Dame’s defensive front knocked him so ridiculously senseless that he’s now talking about himself in 3rd person while trashing his head coach in the process?


I’ll just leave it at that and let you decide for yourself. BTW...

And to close this all out, Patterson spoke about the fake tweet. He’s ruining our fun now, and dammit... that doesn’t mean Notre Dame knocked his head around less. (He sure as shit isn’t shooshing the Irish defense).