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As a Notre Dame fan, what should you name your new dog?



I suppose you could say that I’m a dog person. I’m not weird or over the top, but as far as 4-legged friends of the family are concerned... yes, give me the dog. Now, my mom is insane and my twin sisters are reaching peak mom levels as we speak, so perhaps it’s in a person’s DNA. Still, I giggle when I see their photos on Instagram and I miss my greatest friend, Chachi (AKA Ole Graybeard, AKA The Bastard, AKA Chacharita, AKA Yardshitter).

I didn’t name Chachi — in fact I didn’t even want him. A couple of friends and I went to a shelter to pick out a dog. I was running late to work, and was in a bit of a hurry. While at the shelter, there was this Bassett Hound — and that’s the dog I wanted. Pete and Steve kept pointing at this little black puppy that wasn’t making a sound, and I was ignoring them as best I could. I had to leave and told them to grab the Bassett and bring him to work as I left the shelter.

An hour later, this little bastard comes walking through the doors of the furniture store that I worked at as a salesman. I was infuriated at first, but then I realized that these are my friends we’re talking about here, so of course they weren’t going to do anything I say.

I tried to name him “Vader” right there on the spot because I am a huge Star Wars nerd, and it made sense. Instantly my friends corrected me and said they already named hime. His name... Chachi.


Because of a maybe slight resemblance I have of the actor Scott Baio, these dicks named my dog the only nickname that ever got a rise out of me (it’s a Hicksville thing and yes... everyone has about 4 names). So, instead of the Bassett I wanted to name “Bo” I got a wiener/corgi mix named Chachi.

Chachi lived an incredible life and as a bachelor in my early 20’s. he went everywhere with me. Bars, road trips, dangerous situations of all sorts — he was there and he was amazing. I won’t go into all the details of his life here because 1) I don’t have that kind of time and 2) it’s just bragging at this point. Let’s just say he was the best dog ever and leave it at that.

So what was the point of all of this? Well, last night I was hit up on Twitter from a follower that needed help naming his new dog.

I gave some suggestions and sent out a RT to see what kind of consensus we could get. As the names rolled in, I wondered what kind of thought process people put in regarding the name of their new best friend, and as far as going with a theme in support of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish — why?

Of all the names that rolled in, “Golden Tate” seemed the most fitting, but there were other great suggestions as well. Here are a few:

I gotta tell ya... I like “Digger” A LOT and am ashamed I have never thought of that before.

So how do you go about naming a dog with a Notre Damey name? Well, anything goes man. Just go with your heart (because you’re going to need it after that cute little thing somehow manages to pull all your ties down from the rack above his dog pen, rip them to shreds, and spray poop them all while you’re out running some errands).

Got a few suggestions, or do you have an already fiercely magnificent named dog already? Share below. Go Irish!