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Former Notre Dame wide receiver, Golden Tate, is a national treasure

He continually amazes us.

Golden Tate
Twitter @ShowtimeTate

Golden Tate, one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, is still one of the most talked about former players. His play on the field was legendary — as was the style in which laid waste to opposing defenses. There are Notre Dame greats — and then there are Notre Dame legends, and Tate is most definitely the latter.

He wasn’t just a speed burner like a Will Fuller; he was unbelievable catching the ball in traffic, ran like a running back, had clutch receptions, amazing plays, and has some of the strongest hands I have ever seen on a wide receiver (especially with his size).

Tate has had a good NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, and now the New York Giants — but his legend continues because of how he does things. He’s also living his best life, and isn’t afraid to let it shine for all to see:

This post was nothing more than a chance to officially post this video here at One Foot Down — but seriously. There are a handful of players that we continually bring up as fans, and Tate is certainly one of them. He’s in the same space as:

  • Tim Brown
  • Tony Rice
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Brady Quinn
  • [insert your favorite go to guy]

The Legend of Golden Tate only grows with time, and while I still daydream of a 2010 with Jimmy Clausen and Golden playing their senior year under 1st year coach Brian Kelly — I can never be mad at him.

He’s wonderful.