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Notre Dame’s poor logistical choice with Wisconsin series looks even worse

Seriously... kill the Shamrock Series.

Ball State v Notre Dame
Jack Swarbrick

It’s been almost two years since the Notre Dame Fighting Irish announced a 2 game series with the Wisconsin Badgers, and it’s still something that helps me go into a fit of rage. Instead of playing a home and home against the Badgers, the Irish and Jack Swarbrick leveraged some type of deal to make this a part of their Shamrock Series. Notre Dame’s “home” game is to be inside Lambeau, the home of the Packers; while Wisconsin’s “home” game is to be at Soldier Field, the home of the Bears.

It’s a slap in the face to college football.

Over the last 25 years, if you asked any Notre Dame fan who the Irish need on the schedule, I would bet there would be a vast majority that would have said Wisconsin within 3 names. People wanted this series — and when it was talked about in my circles, there was a lot of excitement about the thought of Wisconsin coming to Notre Dame Stadium and the Irish heading up to Camp Randall.

But nope... the Alabama Crimson Tide get that opportunity now.

Well until Alabama talks Wisconsin into a neutral site game in like Nashville or some crap per their usual mode of operation.

Until that fateful day, the buzz about Bama in Camp Randall is real — and it’s awesome. It’s the way college football should be, and Notre Dame keeps tripping over themselves for some dumb story instead of creating the big game AT HOME. How should season ticket holders feel about this nonsense now that the home schedule continues to look less and less — less?

Swarbrick’s pet project with the Shamrock Series shows the conflicting interests of his double-sweater as an athletic director and a vice president. The football team bailed him out last year as he had them traveling to the moon and back — and they just barely did that with a very tense last game in Los Angeles against the USC Trojans.

Look... I don’t give a rat’s ass about the NFL, and I especially don’t care about Notre Dame playing in an NFL stadium. I care about college football and the unique atmosphere that a college stadium gives a game. No one ever said, “this neutral site stadium is ELECTRIC.”

So, Notre Dame is getting one-up’d by Bama once again (for now). It was bad enough before, and now it just looks worse.