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Reason #3164 why Notre Dame football fans feel superior to the national narrative

Fans ride horses through the town warning about Notre Dame like Paul Revere.

alohi gilman tariq bracy notre dame Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Earlier today, the Louisville Cardinals announced that their prime time game on Labor Day against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be a “blackout.”

This isn’t strange or out of place to see opponents of the Irish doing something “special” for the game. Here’s a team with a very small amount of football history against the Irish, and yet they are going to drop the hammer of gimmick tools.

This is comparable to what the Virginia Tech Hokies did last year with that ridiculous 30 minute “special” for their entrance against Notre Dame (Metallica via satellite and all).

Teams LOVE to get up for the Irish.

Which is weird — right? The national narrative from opposing fans across the country is that Notre Dame is irrelevant, overrated, and basically an Ivy school stuck in South Bend. We’ve heard it all over the last 20 years, and despite going 22-4 over the last two seasons, and having double digit wins in 3 of the last 4 years — the heckling is only getting louder.

And yet... Notre Dame games inside ACC venues see a dramatic increase in attendance, and the Irish coming to town is a big deal for just about everyone (translation: EVERY ONE). Do teams get this excited for games against Dartmouth? Are their calls for blackouts, whiteouts, orangeouts, redouts — or whatever when Coulumbia comes to town?

You can also see this when CBS knocks puts the game against the Georgia Bulldogs in prime time rather than their SEC showcase between the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide.

This is why Notre Dame fans feel superior to that beaten down national narrative about Notre Dame — because they are.

Yes, Notre Dame still has much to prove on the national stage, but that isn’t unlike many of the 125 out of 128 teams in the FBS. But yu can’t sit there and see teams do things like this on an annual basis, and expect the narrative of irrelevant or overrated to stick with any kind of real meaning.

Get over yourselves. Notre Dame sees this all the time, so how special do you think your team is?

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