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Pat Fitzgerald got all handsy against Notre Dame, so I understand his phone rant

Make a physical connection.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 03 Notre Dame at Northwestern
YEAAAAHHH... I’d really like to get my hands on Jerry Tillery.
Photo by Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

During the 31-21 win the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had over the Northwestern Wildcats last November, Pat Fitzgerald decided to put his hands on Jerry Tillery and gave a nice little yank. It was unnecessary for sure, but it was also just completely strange. I wrote about the incident after the game, and you can refresh you memory with the clip below:

Why am I bringing this up again? Well, Paddy boy is making news again, but this time he went on a rant about millennials (basically) when he was asked about college football attendance.

Fitzy blamed smart phones and “rooms with 12 TVs” as the main problems instead of things like:

  • A shitty product from at least 50% of CFB.
  • The ridiculous price tag attached to attending a CFB game.
  • Modern life sometimes means that a lot of people aren’t living that 8-5, Monday through Friday life at work.
  • Kids — not that they are terrible millennials, but that raising families takes time (even on weekends in the fall).

You could probably add a whole bunch of other reasons that he didn’t mention, but he was still angry from seeing a table full of people that he didn’t know be on their phones at dinner. You can just tell that he wanted to throw down his big meaty paws on the table and start yelling at them.

I’m just saying... I saw him get weird on the sideline with a Notre Dame player, so I wouldn’t put it past him at Olive Garden (you know he loves that place).

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