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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Give running back Chris Tyree his 5th star back you cowards

Because it doesn’t matter.

Chris Tyree
Twitter @chris_tyree4

Back in May, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish gained one of its most important commitments of the Brian Kelly era when running back Chris Tyree gave his pledge to the 2020 class. The Irish had a several year run of not being able to sign a highly rated running back, and this was 90% of what the hiring of new running backs coach, Lance Taylor, was to bring to South Bend.

Although the commitment was HUGE for everyone involved, there was a weird circumstance that surrounded it. Not too long prior to the commitment itself (a month or so) Tyree saw his ranking drop from a 5-Star to a 4-Star. It seemed weird at the moment and still seems weird now. He is still the #1 APB in the country according to everyone, but not a 5-Star?


How does a guy just drop in the rankings in the spring after surviving the rankings adjustments after the season and with few camps? Now, this is NOT a “they dropped him because of Notre Dame” thing because that’s as stupid as a “they rated him high because of Notre Dame” thing. Still... there never seemed to be much of an explanation given for the demotion.

Chris Tyree’s size could be the biggest thing that weighs against him. At 5’9” 185 pounds, another inch and another 10 pounds may be all that is holding him back in these rankings — which is pretty much bullshit.

Tyree ran a ridiculous 4.37 40 yard dash time at The Opening Finals. His performance has been fantastic down in that environment so far:

“Listed as an athlete on the roster, the speedy Notre Dame four-star commit worked out at running back, where his close-quarters agility and quick-footedness showed in drills and 1-on-1’s. Tyree reported a blistering 4.37-second 40-yard dash during testing and finished . He showed a unique amalgam of athleticism that featured explosive burst with impressively smooth balance and body control throughout.”

Tyree’s size also places him in a distinct recruiting category. APB stands for All Purpose Back — but in essence it is anything but that. The APB is a lot like the old moniker “3rd down back.” At least, it’s the same type of description. So, the value of a prospect in this category is less than what an every down back may be.

Since 2014, only 3 players is the APB designation have been ranked as a 5-Star with all 3 being the #1 APB. Ironically enough, two of those three were also from the state of Virginia:

So, if Tyree were to get that 5th star... it would mean that for 3 out of the last 4 years the state of Virginia would have produced the #1 APB as a 5-Star.

I realize so much of this means JACK and SQUAT, but if a guy that was a 5-Star prospect continually shows that he’s as fast as a blazing demon trying to escape the inner depths of hell, and ball out... what’s the issue? Is it that APB designation? That seems silly to me.

Give him back his 5th star you cowards!