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Let Me Introduce Myself: Connor Leichtle joins the OFD staff

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Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Hello everybody! My name is Connor Leichtle. I am excited to be joining the staff at One Foot Down as a writer. One of my passions ever since I was a little kid has been writing, and I am ecstatic to be able to help write about my favorite college team. I grew up just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a town called West Bend. Obviously, my goal has been to go to all the directional bends in the country and just so happened that South Bend was my favorite so I became a Notre Dame fan. No, I became a lifelong Notre Dame fan the minute I set foot on campus when I was five years old. The first sporting event I ever attended was a Notre Dame Football game with my dad. I instantly was hooked by the pageantry and tradition of Notre Dame. We have gone to at least one home game a year ever since that day.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University and still refuse to root for Marquette to this day because of the rivalry between the two schools. I recently completed my Master’s Degree at the University of Iowa, and received my first full-time job as an athletic trainer for a baseball team. My family has a cottage on a lake near Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I try to do as much fishing there in summer as I can. I am also an avid reader and like to read about history, specifically about the military and war. Another one of my passions is running. In college, I was very into racing but at the ripe old age of twenty-five, my body has begun to tell me I need to find other avenues of exercise.

Again, I am very excited to be joining the staff here and helping to produce content for the best fan base in America. Please feel free to provide feedback on my stories, good or bad, and let me know if there are stories that you would like to see written about. Go Irish!