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Reason #5,936 why Notre Dame should never ever join a conference for football

Check out my hand gesture!

Texas v Notre Dame

One of the most overused topics of the offseason, is the conference affiliation — or lack thereof — when it comes to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. An extraordinary amount of words have been used already this time around from both sides, so I’ll keep this brief. Why shouldn’t the Irish join a conference fulltime? Because of shit like this:

This is what conference politics looks like, and for the record — nobody manipulated their own conference better than what the Texas Longhorns does to the Big 12 on a full-time basis.

The “horns down” rule has been , and still is — dumber than a rock in a pond. Why would the Irish ever subject themselves to this nonsense. Don’t make a hand gesture — BUT TARGETING AND DAMN NEAR KILLING TORI HUNTER JR. IS TOTALLY FINE.

No thanks.

The Horns seem content with having no self-awareness. Notre Dame is content as an independent.

Carry on.

(Also... conference media days suck).