Yet Another Blowout Prediction for Georgia

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Here's what Saturday Down South has to say about why taking the 9.5 points and betting on Georgia is a gimme bet (read the full article here):

Notre Dame is going to get exposed in Athens, plain and simple ... Georgia will exploit the mismatch on the line of scrimmage and the result will send a message to any doubters that Kirby Smart’s team is ready to challenge for another Playoff berth in 2019 — much like last season’s trip to South Carolina did for the Bulldogs. The Dawgs will win by several touchdowns ... Georgia should blow out the Irish.

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? I don't know whether Notre Dame can beat Georgia, but I would sure like to see the fallout if we do. There are plenty of reasonable Georgia fans who are nervous about this game, but the whistling past the graveyard reminds me of a lot of ND fans back in 2012.

The national party line appears to be that Georgia will be the better team, and furthermore the more motivated one. An "inferior" and "consistently overrated" Notre Dame team caught a few breaks on their schedule, lucked into an undefeated season, and made the playoffs ahead of more deserving teams -- particularly Georgia -- where they got "exposed" by Clemson. Georgia was "victimized" by a "political" committee, and is out to prove it. (Never mind that Alabama was "exposed" by Clemson as much as Notre Dame was, and never mind that this "highly motivated" team dropped a "meaningless" bowl game to Texas.)

On paper, Georgia is the better team. Not a whole lot better, but better. But we'll see.

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