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Here’s more proof why the Notre Dame Fighting Irish wanted Marist Liufau so badly

Are there any more Sons of Oahu we can grab?

Marist Liufau

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish found a gem in Marist Liufau late in the recruiting process for the 2019 class. Liufau committed to the Irish in November and signed in December. Ever since then, a lot of the talk surrounding the 6’3” 220 pound OLB/DE has been in terms of “numbers” in regards to the scholarship count.

Brain Kelly disabused talk of a “gray shirt” this week at his golf outing. Kelly was asked about Liufau and J.D. Bertrand and their place on the active roster:

“Yes. I’m not going to commit to the 85 scholarships in terms of that nuance of words. They are on our active roster. We’ll see how that kind of plays itself out.”

Liufau has a ton of upside for his career, and the Irish have a really nice “hit rate” when it comes to recruits that hail from the great state of Hawaii. Here’s a brand new highlight video that, wait for it... highlights the incredible potential Marist Liufau will be bringing to South Bend.