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A theory about what alternate uniform Notre Dame football will wear in 2019

Stay with me here because a theory is not a rumor.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We talk a lot about the uniforms of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team throughout the year. They are so well known, and so iconic, that it’s easy to get wrapped up in any small (or large) alteration.

So let’s indulge a bit.

The other day, we had a bit of fun as the Irish released a short video of a media snippet that they will use on the jumbotron. The gold painted player wore a jersey that had an “IRISH” patch on the front — just under the collar. In the comments, an OFD reader made an interesting observation:

Now, I don’t have very much knowledge about specific fonts or contracts involving them, but it does seem like plausible thing. More importantly, it somewhat suggests that a theory of mine is equally plausible.

I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned it before in a podcast — but when has mentioning a possible change in a uniform stopped anyone from talking about on more than one occasion? So, here it is...

Notre Dame will wear some type of “Frank Leahy Heritage” uniform on senior day.

The Irish do not have a Shamrock Series game in 2019, and to keep that Under Armour merchandise gravy train running, they may look to do what they did in 2017 (another non-Shamrock Series game). That was the year that Notre Dame trotted out the Rockne Heritage uniforms to be worn against the Navy Midshipmen on senior day. The uniforms and merchandise were fairly well received, and extraordinarily more so than those awful Yankee uniforms from 2018’s Shamrock Series.

The Irish also wore an alternate uniform on senior day in 2018 with their green jerseys against the Florida State Seminoles.

If you put superstition aside, Notre Dame’s 2019 senior day game against the Boston College Eagles makes perfect sense as a game to bring out an alternate uniform. The game is played for a rivalry trophy known as the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl since Leahy coached Boston College before he came back to Notre Dame. So yeah... the Frank Leahy Heritage uniforms could be a thing. Considering that the Irish wore green jerseys full-time in all but two of Leahy’s seasons as a head coach makes sense as well.

So there’s the theory. There is absolutely nothing to back any of this up other than the circumstances that I have already mentioned. Back in 2017 we had a source that tipped us off about the Rockne uniforms in July of that year. Sadly, I can say that there won’t be that kind of tip this year.

Go Irish.