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Is there a legitimate change coming for the Notre Dame football uniform in 2019?

We are totally serious.

chris finke notre dame football
Chris Finke
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish posted some videos and pictures from one of their “photo shoots” that they use for the jumbotron on gamedays. One of the biggest eyeopening sequences was an all-gold painted player.

Yes, it was a joke. I’m 100% positive that these aren’t going to be alternate uniforms for Notre Dame in 2019. At the same time... a Reddit poster pointed out something underneath the gold paint that is quite interesting.

So, there is an “IRISH” patch on the front underneath the collar. As interesting as that is... it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as far as a new jersey for 2019. That’s not to say that it wasn’t from a yet to be announced alternate uniform for 2019, so I suppose it’s still a possibility.

It could have been added just to stand out for this video. Maybe it’s just for the white jerseys? It’s not as if it is on any of the jerseys during the rest of the photo shoots which were all done with the blue jerseys.

To answer the question at hand... I don’t really think there are any changes coming, but I suppose the possibility is there.

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