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Happy Father’s Day

Shout out to you dads of the world.

Joshua and Ryan (Prince Victor) Vowles
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

I just wanted to take a quick moment and wish all of you dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. Nothing has made me prouder or given me more purpose in life than being a father to my three children.

It is also the most frustrating, demanding, impossible, and greatest thing in the entire world. I couldn’t imagine a life where this wasn’t the case.

Many of the things I do as a father are much different than what my own dad did while I was growing up. That’s life — but there was never a single moment in my life that I didn’t feel loved and protected. I learned some of the best lessons in life from my father like the value of hard work, the importance of always being who you are, and the ability to turn a disaster into a small blimp on the radar.

So a very special HOLLA to all of you dads out there, and always remember who’s number one... everyone else in your house except for you.

Happy Father’s Day!