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Notre Dame Football: PUT BRADY QUINN IN THE BOOTH is our battlecry

Irish fans are fed up, and so our war begins.

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Fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have pretty much had enough at this point. The NBC broadcast of Notre Dame football games has legitimately triggered thousands due to one glaring deficiency... Doug Flutie in the booth as the game analyst.

Outside of the normal complaints that he is an alum of the Boston College Eagles, like his predecessor Mike Mayock, Flutie is just terrible at what he does. There seems to be a massive disconnect from what he probably knows as a player to what he actually blurts out as an announcer. Whereas Mayock would annoyingly lock in on several things during that game that almost always felt a bit too much, Flutie is all over the map with his ridiculousness and allows his pregame perception to last over the course of an entire game — such as his love affairs with Shea Patterson of the Michigan Wolverines and Sam Darnold of the USC Trojans.

Flutie loved those QB’s NO MATTER WHAT (like getting the crap knocked out of them in a loss). The combination eventually forced Irish fans across the country to loudly scream at their television’s and shout:

Twitter @bridgetgoirish

The answer to all of this madness is so simple and so obvious, that of course NBC can’t get their heads out of their own asses to actually do... PUT BRADY QUINN IN THE BOOTH.

NBC has gone to great lengths to proclaim that they are not the “Notre Dame Network.” They really hit that home as they promote “Notre Dame Football on NBC” each week during the season, and in fact... are the network that covers all of Notre Dame’s home football games.

It’s a maddening marriage that at best needs counseling and at worst needs a divorce. I love having Notre Dame on NBC, but their attempts at separating themselves from the university fall flat in the eyes of fans of other schools — so why bother?

NO ONE is just watching Notre Dame to watch a football game (unless the Irish are losing to some American Athletic Conference team). The non-Irish fans that do tune in are doing so because it’s THEIR team the Irish are playing. So what does it matter if the perception is that the announcing booth has a homer?

The most critical thing is this... why are they insulting someone like Brady Quinn? Why would Brady Quinn be unable to stay professional in the booth during the game? Quinn already does an excellent job for FOX, and is seemingly well-liked by those that aren’t Notre Dame fans.

That’s a novel idea... PUT THE BEST MAN IN THE BOOTH. That best man might very well be Brady Quinn, and to deny him the chance to do that job simply because he is an alum while sticking the hacks of rival schools in their instead IS AN INSULT TO THE NOTRE DAME FANS THAT HAVE TO TUNE IN WEEKLY TO THIS SHITSHOW.

Mike Tirico is one of the best in the business, and having a cartoon sidekick is an insult to him. WHY ARE YOU SLAPPING TIRICO IN THE FACE NBC? Why?

Absolutely some opposing fans will be turned off by having a guy like Quinn in the booth — but so what? Become an independent, become an icon in the sport, and get your own TV deal with a major network. Problem solved.

It’s all just so asinine to pretend that NBC isn’t an extension of the university anyways for football games. They should just put the best people in the booth, and right now that’s Tirico and Quinn.

From this day forward — this is our battlecry. PUT BRADY QUINN IN THE BOOTH.

AND YES... Brady Quinn RT’s Bridget’s (love her) tweet. He wants this too. It’s a movement — so let’s get moving.