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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: The Top 5 Prospects Left On The Big Board

To beat the best, you have to get the best.

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

With the recent commitment of Rylie Mills for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Brian Kelly and company were able to put a checkmark next to one of its most prized prospects. In doing so, they have shot back up the team recruiting rankings to the #9 position.

Look, the Irish aren’t going to have the #1 ranked recruiting class — and perhaps not even in the top 5. They do, however, have a great chance at staying inside the top 10. That kind of talent with the proper development is still quite sufficient to compete for a national championship.

So what talent is left on the board for the Irish? What top talent remains that the Irish actually have a good shot in gaining their commitment?

Here are the Top 5 recruits left on the Irish board that could help answer those questions:

4-Star RB Chris Tyree

Tyree is probably the hottest name right now for the Irish. Word has got out that the Irish are looking to add just one true running back in this class whereas just a short while ago the plan was to take two. Word has also gotten around that Notre Dame continues to be the leader over the Oklahoma Sooners and Alabama Crimson Tide.

4-Star OT Tosh Baker

Baker could very well be the next commitment in this 2020 class. Notre Dame appears to be the clear leader for the massive 6’8” 275 pound offensive lineman from California. The Michigan Wolverines, Ohio State Buckeyes, Stanford Cardinal and others were in the mix — but this commitment looks to be inevitable.

4-Star WR A.J. Henning

Henning’s name is well known to Irish fans as he was one of the earliest targets for Notre Dame in this class. While the Irish at one time were the clear leader, other schools started to jump into the mix more and more. There seems to have been a reversion back to Notre Dame in recent weeks which is great news. Henning’s speed and athleticism is highly coveted.

4-Star DE Braiden McGregor

This is a full on battle with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. While McGregor holds offers from all over the country, Notre Dame and Michigan appear to be neck and neck. Some Notre Dame recruiting experts are quite optimistic about Notre Dame’s chances here, but a battle vs Big State U can never be taken lightly.

4-Star WR Jalen McMillan

Of all the prospects listed here, McMillan is probably the longest shot. Here’s two things to know... he’s from Fresno, and the Oklahoma Sooners are involved. The Washington Huskies are also deep in the mix here. Still, good news about his continued interest has crept out and that means there is still a chance. Still... Fresno.


That list of 5 players isn’t a “next” list. It’s a list of the best that I think are still possible commits. There are 5 others that would make it into my top 10:

  • 4-Star WR Michael Redding
  • 4-Star OT Michael Carmody
  • 4-Star LB Cody Simon
  • 4-Star CB Clark Phillips III
  • 4-Star S Lathan Ransom

Ransom is about as long of a shot as McMillan, but again... there is still a chance and the Irish will do their best to sway them.

May is an important month for recruiting as the spring visits are fresh in their heads, and the June visits are right around the corner. We will keep a close eye on all 10 of these players as the Irish continue to fight to improve its roster of the future.