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Notre Dame Football: We’re all pretty sure the Irish will play the Georgia Bulldogs in prime time

The inevitable is still not official, but... close enough.

Georgia v Notre Dame
Ian Book vs Georgia
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Wednesday, CBS announced its broadcast schedule for the upcoming college football season. CBS and the SEC are partners (and hello Sun Bowl) so of course that means the game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Georgia Bulldogs on September 21 is in play.

Yes, yes... the September 21 game simply says “SEC Doubleheader,” but we all know what that really means. Our friends over at Dawg Sports laid it out quite simply:

The other SEC games of note that week include Florida/Tennessee, LSU at Vandy, Kentucky at Missouri, South Carolina at Missy State, and Auburn at Texas A&M. With all due respect to those fanbases, none is a game CBS is using its one prime time slot per season to broadcast. At the point that CBS announces it is broadcasting a game in that slot on 9/21, it’s Georgia/Notre Dame. The 3:30 game is likely whichever of UF/UT and Aggies/Aubies appears most interesting 10 days out from kickoff.

That’s good enough for me — as if it was really in question.

I’ve already made my plans around that date with a night game in mind, and we are almost 100% sure that’s exactly what will happen.

Notre Dame lost 20-19 to Georgia the last time they played in 2017, in a thriller in South Bend.