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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Braiden McGregor commits to Michigan and all Mike Elston got was a super tight jersey

That jersey is basically a tattoo that Geoff Price already has.

Mike Elston
Twitter @mattfreemanISD

On Friday night, 4-Star DE Braiden McGregor made his official commitment to the Michigan Wolverines known via a video and announcement ceremony. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were one of six schools that had a hat represented on the table in front of McGregor.

Obviously, it did not go Notre Dame’s way.

Yep. So let me throw this out there as what might have just happened...

  • McGregor was a silent commit to Michigan.
  • I believe some guy named Brice for Michigan’s 247 site is a family friend of sorts.
  • McGregor strung the recruiting process out for whatever reason (doesn’t have to for nefarious reasons).
  • Everyone pretends that it’s a big toss-up despite the commitment.
  • Hype. Like... NSD level of hype.
  • Skunkbears celebrate.

If all of that is true, the last month or so has been mostly a ruse. In the world of college football recruiting, I can definitely think of way worse things, but this is still pretty silly — if those events that I described actually went down that way (or close enough).

It is what it is, and Notre Dame wanted the 6’6 250 defensive end badly — because he’s really good. It’s just a tough thing for a guy like Mike Elston who put in all that work in trying to get McGregor to come to Notre Dame... and now all he has is a #17 jersey that’s way too tight.

Congrats to Braiden for picking his dream school, and I applaud the Notre Dame staff (especially Elston) for putting in the work on this one.

It just didn’t work out.