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OFD Podcast: A Game of Thrones for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Let’s stay away from another bad ending.

Dexter Williams... Notre Dame GRADUATE.
Twitter @NDfootball

Josh was kidnapped by a pack of angry Michigan Wolverines fans and thus... they claimed yet another brave win over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Brad and Jude carried on without the Emperor in a stunning display of continuity of government for the OFD Podcast.

This week’s discussion includes:

  • The possibility of a HUGE week in recruiting.
  • More schedule talk as we come to grips with Notre Dame’s scheduling practices.
  • The Brian Kelly quarterback curse in year 2.
  • Players coming back for their degree.
  • Coaching rankings and the the love of flavors.
  • GAME OF THRONES (at least the first episode).
  • TV shows that ended poorly (like Notre Dame in a big bowl game).
  • More TV talk because it’s the offseason and you’re going to have to deal with that fact.

Be on the lookout for another Off The Rails episode this week, and Josh will rejoin the guys next week after he sets the entire state of Michigan on fire. (Sorry Niles... you too).

Don’t forget to go see HESBURGH at your local theater. For showtimes and cities where it is playing, go to for more information.

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