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Michigan site claims victory over Notre Dame despite all evidence to the contrary

You serious Clark?

notre dame football shea patterson michigan wolverines
Notre Dame handing Patterson his ass
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

I guess I was away from Twitter when Michigan decided to be petty about a tweet from the official football account for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. A staffer for the Michigan Wolverines took exception to Notre Dame’s claim that the “world is their classroom” and tried throwing some shade on the Irish.

It was pretty much a failure because of multiple reasons. Tyler James from the South Bend Tribune reported on all of this a few days ago.

This information either wasn’t clear enough or available to the Michigan site, GBM Wolverine. They claim that the Michigan staffer, Matt Dudek, “owned” Notre Dame by “trolling” them so hard bro.

The article then goes on to claim this as a “win.”

This is what it has come down to for Michigan and their fans. They’re celebrating a fake win over Notre Dame on social media since they can’t get a real one on the field against the football team.


No other Michigan site that I have seen (fights the urge to vomit) has been so bold as to claim victory valiant over the Irish. I mean... it’s been a while you guys. Michigan’s next chance to beat the Irish (other than whatever fake game they play on social media sites) is on October 26th.

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