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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #10 Chris Finke, WR/Bird Whisperer

The Slippery Fox is Up Next

Notre Dame v USC Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a roster full of players, and we want to talk about them all. One Foot Down’s player profile series will take a look at every single one of them, and hopefully we all learn a little bit more about these guys, and Notre Dame’s chances for the upcoming 2019 season

Chris Finke

Chris Finke, from Dayton, Ohio, is a returning starter at slot receiver for the Irish. He is a 5th year senior who earned a scholarship early on his career after arriving at ND as a walk-on. Despite his former walk on status (which gets beaten to death every single weekend by commenters), Finke is one of the top slot receivers in college football and consistently gets described as “unguardable”. He made arguably 2 of the biggest plays of the year a season ago with a Moss Style catch against the Michigan Wolverines and a monster game/touchdown against the USC Trojans. He finished the season with 49 catches, 571, and 2 touchdowns along with 20 punt returns for 196 yards.

He is known not only for his plays on the field, but his big time celebrations (with and without his bird Chirpie).

Taylor Swift, Chicago, Bon Jovi

Too Easy. Finke SCREAMS big time T-Swift guy. I have some inside sources who have told me he knows every word to the song below. Also, if you don’t know all the words we probably operate in very different circles.

Also, this is not a proclamation my love for him. I swear. It’s not. Promise.

Hey Dog Hey

The Border Collie is an extremely athletic and intelligent dog. They are known for their training habits as well as their frisbee skills. His athleticism is often understated because of his size as well as the “former walk on” narrative that follows him everywhere.

2019 Outlook

Finke will undoubtedly be one of the top dogs are wide receiver this year. He consistently performed last year, and clearly has great chemistry with Ian Book. Chase Claypool is projected as the number 1 guy, but Finke will be a close second, and may finish with more catches and or touchdowns than him. He will also play a major role in the punt return game, with the chance to have consistent 10-12 yard returns, which makes a HUGE difference throughout the year. My gut is saying around a 60 catch year with 1,000 all purpose yards. Also, look for him to find the endzone much more consistently with their red zone thread (Miles Boykin) departing for the NFL.

YouTube Hot Fire

I am not sure if Finke or one of his brothers made this themselves, but I feel like this perfectly sums up the type of player and person that Chris Finke embodies.