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Notre Dame Football: Weather Report for Blue-Gold Spring Game


Mike Miller/One Foot Down

There’s a game to be played this Saturday in South Bend. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will wrap up their spring practice inside Notre Dame Stadium with the annual Blue-Gold game. One of the biggest questions leading up to the spring game each year is, “what’s the weather going to be like”?

Well, it’s not going to be pretty in 2019.

It won’t be horrible either, but as of right now, it will definitely be on the chilly side of things.


With a 12:30 game, the temperature won’t likely reach its high for the day until most of you are walking back to your cars in the parking lot. The cloud cover, winds, and temperature will provide an early November like atmosphere in South Bend.

At least the forecast doesn’t call for any rain that day — so at least you got that going for ya.

At least the mums won’t be a distraction.

My best advice is to gear up and drink up. I’ll provide a much more in depth report later this week. Just to REALLY hit this home for all of you heading to the game.