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Throwback Thursday: Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS USC Trojans 2013

The day Andrew Hendrix amazed everyone.

USC v Notre Dame
Andrew Hendrix

We didn’t forget about the weekly Throwback Thursday for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish — mostly because we just remembered it’s still Thursday. Here’s a quick little look at one of the ugliest games played to take home the Jeweled Shillelagh...

2013 Notre Dame 14, USC Trojans 10

The Irish and USC both came into this game with similar 4-2 records, and generally, they were both on the verge of a very mediocre season. At any rate — this is a rivalry game, so at least we have that.

When searching YouTube for the ‘13 game, there was very little to use. The FIDM video totally neglected the only two things that mattered in this game:

  • Cam McDaniel going full male model with his helmet off (and rushing for almost 100 yards).
  • Andrew Hendrix replaced Tommy Rees with 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

THAT’S RIGHT! Rees went out with an injury and Andrew Hendrix came into a VERY tight game. He did next to nothing, which was just good enough to beat the Trojans. Hendrix was 0-4 passing and had 5 yards rushing on 6 carries.

The game was 14-10 by halftime, so that meant the entire second half was scoreless and OH MY GOD I JUST REMEMBERED HOW INSANELY BRUTAL IT WAS TO WATCH. Like really bad.

At least this served as a way for Reesus supporters to clapback at other fans that were getting vocal about “anyone BUT Rees.” We saw how that went down, and I don’t think it’s all that crazy to say Rees was the best quarterback on the roster.

Notre Dame’s two touchdown’s came via a Rees pass. Troy Niklas grabbed one in the first quarter, and T.J. Jones pulled in the other in the second.


I suppose a more positive spin could be that Andrew Hendrix came into a game that he never thought he would play in, and carried the Irish to victory against their biggest rival. Just roll with it.