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Notre Dame Day: Miles Boykin Didn’t Know Baltimore Ravens Were Calling to Draft Him

The former Irish wide receiver bet on himself — and it paid off handsomely.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Pro Day Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Boykin, two days removed from being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, joined Notre Dame Day to recount his NFL Draft experience and share a funny story about how the former Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver was initially unsure which pro team was calling to draft him.

Jack Nolan: “You’ve got to be relieved right now that you know where you’re going to play and where you’re going to be living for the next few years. How excited are you to be playing for Baltimore?”

Miles Boykin: “Yeah thank you. Thank you for having me first of all, but no, it’s exciting. You know I think that there was no better place for me and I was just you know obviously glad that I was selected and you know certainly grateful to have another chance to play football again.”

Jack Nolan: “Were you aware, it’s kind of an interesting distinction, but you’re the 500th player from Notre Dame to be drafted by the NFL?”

Miles Boykin: “I didn’t see it until after the draft, but that to me just makes this place that much more special. That means there was 499 people who went through the same thing I went through you know the rigorous class load, and obviously the schedule that we go through in just playing at an elite level and going to school at an elite level that shows that this place is truly special.”

Jack Nolan: “Now where were you when you got the phone call from the Ravens and what was that moment like both for you, your family, and your friends?”

Miles Boykin: “Yeah, so I was watching with my mom, my dad, my brother, my grandparents and we were just sitting there just watching the draft and it was funny because the TV was kind of a little bit late, so it was really three picks ahead of when they were actually picking because Baltimore traded to get me. They traded to move up to get me.”

Miles Boykin: “So, when they called me, I didn’t know who was calling my phone. I didn’t know what team was getting ready to draft me but then, when they told me, it was awesome. My mom started crying.”

Miles Boykin: “I couldn’t really hear what they were saying at first because everybody was yelling. But, yeah, it was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Jack Nolan: “You lead a very talented Notre Dame team last season, 872 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns. Let’s talk about these past few months since the Cotton Bowl. What was the piece of information or the pieces of information that you received that convinced you that you should go into the draft this year?”

Miles Boykin: “Well yeah, just talking with my family. The biggest thing is that they wanted what was best for me. I’m graduating in May. Talking to my coaching staff and just getting feedback from people that I trust, that you know the biggest thing for me was that I have my degree so there’s no way I could make a wrong decision.”

Miles Boykin: “It really just came down to you know what I wanted in football and how I picture myself in the league, and you know I think things worked out great for me. You know being selected in the third round, you know I was a top 100 player in the country this year, so for me it’s all about what was best for me and my family and now moving forward and how can I continue my football career.”

Jack Nolan: “Well they didn’t just work out great for you, you made them work out great for you. You know I mean once you start to go into the draft people try to start tearing you down. So you go down to the combine. You run a 4.42 40 so that blows away everybody who said you may not have the speed that you need.

Jack Nolan: “Then you practically jumped out of the building down in Indianapolis with your 43.5 inch vertical leap. I know your teammates back here went nuts when they saw that. How did that impact, how did that change the conversations that you had with teams after what you did at the combine?”

Miles Boykin: “Well yeah, it was kind of interesting. So teams at the combine had thought I was going to run pretty fast. I mean they didn’t think that I was going to run what I was going to run, but they thought I was going to run pretty fast and just thought I was going to be overall athletic.

Miles Boykin: “The thing that was you know, that I really wanted to prove to them was how smart I was you know, how I know defenses. I know offenses. I’m here to learn. I’m here to work hard and you know that I have lot more in my tank that I can go while I’m in the NFL and that was the biggest thing that I wanted them to see, but you know after ... Obviously after the combine you know the media got ahold of me and started really blowing me up which is what everybody kind of sees you know nobody really gets the inside track.”

Miles Boykin: “So it’s a cool process. It’s draining for sure. You go about three months on pins and needles just not knowing if you’re going to play in the NFL. Not only if you’re going to get drafted. Really you know you have to bet on yourself and it’s tough for those three months because you know you’re future is so undetermined.

Miles Boykin: “You know, obviously my degree is my fallback plan but I’ve been working for three months to play ... Really I’ve been working my whole life to play in the NFL so yeah it’s extremely humbling and I’m just incredibly grateful to be in the position that I’m in today.”

Jack Nolan: “Well no doubt in my mind or in anybody’s mind back here you are going to be outstanding and every time I talk with you, I’m glad you’re playing football because you may have the best broadcasting voice I’ve ever heard.

Miles Boykin: “Thank you. I appreciate it.”