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With one more day left, what’s next for the Notre Dame players in the 2019 NFL Draft?

Plenty of picks left, so who gets their name called?

drue tranquill notre dame football
Drue Tranquill
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

It was an excruciating wait for former players of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during rounds 2 & 3 of the NFL Draft. After a first round that went pretty much according to the script, day two saw player after player picked ahead of guys like Dexter Williams, Drue Tranquill, Alize Mack, Te’von Coney — and especially Julian Love.

The bleeding stopped with pick #93 when the Baltimore Ravens selected Miles Boykin. There were 13 receivers that were drafted ahead of Boykin, but he was still able to have his name called on day two.

Love was the 5th rated cornerback according to but so far there have been 11 corners picked during the first three rounds. Every corner in the top 12 except Love went to bed Friday night with an NFL home.

It has to be extremely frustrating for Love after a year that saw him become a Thorpe Award finalist and a consensus All-American. You want to say that he should be the next cornerback selected, but many of us were thinking that 4 or 5 corners ago.


Plenty besides Julian Love:

  • Alize Mack is the 12th rated TE in the draft, and 8 have been selected
  • Dexter Williams is the 6th rated RB in the draft, and 7 have been selected
  • Te’von Coney is the 6th rated LB in the draft, and 7 have been selected
  • Drue Tranquill is the 21st rated LB in the draft, and 7 have been selected
  • Justin Yoon is the 6th rated K in the draft, and none have been selected
  • Tyler Newsome is the 4th rated P in the draft, and none have been selected
  • Alex Bars is the 33rd rated G in the draft, and 5 have been selected
  • Sam Mustipher isn’t listed as a prospect on


NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

HA!... there’s no telling at this point. In rounds 4-7, you’re never sure if a team is going to take best available or fill for need. It’s usually a combination, obviously, but because of all of the trades and movement — it’s much harder to peg where a prospect might land.

Julian Love

I don’t think Love will drop out of the 4th round. It may take a bit though as a lot of the teams in the upper half of the round have already drafted a corner or don’t have the need.

Dexter Williams

There was a little bit of a run on running backs in the 3rd round with 5 of them selected. That could carry over into the 4th round, or drag into the 5th. I think Dexter gets picked in the 5th.

Te’von Coney

There are a ton of linebackers still on the board, but teams have been picking some rated way below Coney. the 5th round seems likely.

Drue Tranquill

Tranquill is in the same boat as Coney, but with Jon Gruden and the Raiders sitting there with two picks in the 4th — maybe Drue is selected by the Oakland Raiders? Gruden loved Tranquill (and Dexter) at the Senior Bowl.

Alize Mack

It’s been widely discussed that Mack might end up going undrafted, but I think he sneaks in with a pick in the 6th or 7th round. More tight ends have been selected up to this point than I thought were going to — but I’m not sure what that means for the last four rounds.

Alex Bars

Bars will most likely go undrafted which is a damn shame. He was really playing well before the injury. Still... I could see a team drafting him in the 7th round. It’s such low risk / high reward at that point, teams that love him for what he is will want him.

Justin Yoon and Tyler Newsome

Neither will get drafted because kickers and punters, although still people... aren’t normally draft picks unless they are absolutely elite.


The draft continues at NOON EST, and is the absolute conclusion of the 2018-2019 college football cycle. There are a ton of good players from all over the country still available, and generally... it’s my favorite part of the draft.