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Braden Lenzy reveals some internal 40 yard dash times for Notre Dame football

Is that fast?

braden lenzy notre dame
Braden Lenzy
Instagram @bradenlenzy

During the NFL Draft process, a lot gets made of the workouts these players do during the process. One of the most widely used measurements to determine a prospect’s future success is the 40 yard dash time — whether that be in the NFL combine or at each respective school’s pro day. It’s important, and everyone knows it.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish also use the spring to test its players and see where they are physically which helps Matt Balis develop his strength and conditioning program for the team on an individual basis. Those tests are looked at again months later to see how a player has developed and improved (hopefully).

Rising sophomore Braden Lenzy is a blazing wide receiver that still needs to add a bit of weight to his frame to be a productive college football player. Still... he’s really fast, and he released his internal 40 yard dash time along with Michael Young’s and Troy Pride Jr.’s as well.

  • Lenzy 4.40
  • Young 4.48
  • Pride 4.32

Notre Dame hopes those speed numbers translate into explosive plays in 2019. Until then... it’s just pretty math.