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Notre Dame sends out slick NFL Draft edits to its recruiting targets and commits

Is this how recruiting works? Well... yes.


In college football, if you aren’t recruiting 24/7 then you have no business trying to be one of the nation’s best programs. In this day and age, “recruiting” is much more than what we normally think about as far as phone calls, visits, mail, and sending semi-trucks to a recruit’s home.

The era of social media has been well underway for a while now, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are doing its best to make sure its recruits “feel the love” on those platforms. To do that, they send out special edits to the players to use on their social media accounts (images with the recruit in some type of cool manner).

With the 2019 NFL Draft kicking off last night for round one, Notre Dame wanted their recruits to get in on the action a few years early.

These edits were just about a week after Notre Dame dropped some serious shade on Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines with a different set of images. Notice the score if you will...

For several years now, special hashtags on Twitter have been designated to recruiting classes. This year, that hashtag is #IrishBouNDXX.

I just have to say... that hashtag is just a little creepy and borderline NSFW.

While we will never really know how effective these things are, at least Notre Dame is right in the mix with the rest of the top programs in the country and is working hard day and night to recruit the best talent in the country.