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Notre Dame Women’s Basketball: Danielle Patterson to Enter the Transfer Portal

Portal still makes me think they’re going into another dimension

NCAA Womens Basketball: Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament - Syracuse vs Notre Dame Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Some more moves in the offseason.

After the Notre Dame Fighting Irish women’s basketball team finished the season a little over two weeks ago, there have been serious roster moves. All 5 starters from this past season got drafted in the WNBA. This coming summer, too, Sam Brunelle and Alayna Peoples will join as freshmen. Now, there are even more roster changes.

Forward Danielle Patterson has reportedly entered the transfer portal.

Patterson was a bench player this year that saw some playing time, but not much. To be fair, though, not many players off the bench played all that many significant minutes due to the starting lineup being as stacked as ever. Regardless, Patterson averaged just shy of 11 minutes per game and scored 95 points on the season. I am sure that Patterson is looking to other oprions to get more playing time and start for another program.

In other transfer news for the Irish, Destinee Walker from UNC is apparently looking to graduate transfer here to Notre Dame. This was via pictures seen on her personal Instagram story (@destinii24). There still has not been an official statement/announcement from the team, but it seems to be a done deal.

Regardless of what becomes official and when, there are a lot of changes that are being made to the roster due to necessity. Muffett McGraw has to rearrange the roster to contend for a national championship again. There are things being put in place, and it seems the pieces for the roster are finally coming together.