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Photo Gallery: Notre Dame Fighting Irish Blue-Gold Spring Football Game

Nothing beats that shine on the helmets on a sunny day.

notre dame football
Ian Book & Michael Young
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Spring football is all wrapped up for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The annual Blue-Gold Spring Football game was held on Saturday with Gold beating Blue by some score tha no one cares about because it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is the large amount of Notre Dame players that got a serious amount of reps in a game like situation. For many fans, this was the first opportunity to see Jarret Patterson, Kyren Williams, Derrik Allen, Patrick Pelini, and a large number of others get more than just a few garbage snaps.

One Foot Down is very grateful to Mike Miller for taking the time to work the game and grab these photos for all of us to enjoy. We love his work here, and we are extremely happy that he will continue to work the Notre Dame home games for us — and even a few road trips (we hear Athens in September is beautiful).

So, take a look at the last bit of football played until August. Enjoy!