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UPDATED Weather Report For Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Spring Football Game

Things are warming up...

Inside Notre Dame Stadium
Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Because tickets for the Blue-Gold Game are fairly cheap and readily available each year, many fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish make last-minute decisions about attending the annual spring game. With that in mind, we have an update for you that could help with that decision:


Earlier this week the forecast called for a 48 degree high and very cloudy conditions. It also called for a fair amount of wind. Gladly, we can now say that the forecast calls for a bit more sun, a bit more warmth, and a little less wind.


With the 12:30 kickoff, temperatures won’t quite reach that high during the game. Most will start tailgating around 9 or 10 in the morning, so their day outdoors will generally be from 9-3.


Look, a fair May day it’s not — but this isn’t March weather either. It will be dry and the sun will peak in and out enough to keep that good time vibe permeating throughout the crowd. If you tailgate well enough — it shouldn’t matter much anyways.

While the morning will be crisp, the game weather should be quite lovely. These things go fairly quickly, so enjoy the time you have with that home away from home... Notre Dame Stadium.

If there are any major updates to the weather, please use your weather apps. I’m not a weatherman, and I’m still bitter that wasn’t my chosen career path.

Go Irish!