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Notre Dame Football: Chip Long says that the Irish have to get more explosive in 2019

The Notre Dame offensive coordinator takes questions from the media.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Notre Dame
Chip Long
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

There were quite a few rumors swirling around this winter about Chip Long, the offensive coordinator for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Apparently, Nick Saban just wanted to talk some football with the young up and coming coach.

It’s easy to see why someone of Nick Saban’s stature would want to talk to Chip Long — the Alabama native can talk some football. Just as importantly is the way Long is brutally honest about his unit’s performance, but still comes off as a teacher rather than a jerk.

Long got in front of the media on Thursday and flat out said the Notre Dame offense wasn’t explosive enough last year, and he’s not sure how that translated into a college football playoff appearance. He seemed eager to right some of the wrongs from last season, which he said, there were a lot of yards left on the field because of a poor yards after contact stat. He spoke about only having 2 plays all year of over 50 yards, and then joked about how in 2017 the Irish would average that in a series.

Among other things, he also touches on:

  • Chase Claypool
  • Robert Hainsey
  • Jarrett Patterson
  • Jafar Armstrong
  • Jarrett Patterson

Here is the full video: