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New ACC bowl tie-ins will also affect Notre Dame football

But the Irish will still be able to beat LSU every time.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported some new bowl changes are coming for the 2020 season and beyond. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are grouped in with the ACC as far as bowl designations are concerned. Notre Dame is eligible for any ACC bowl as long as they are within one game of the team that is eligible for that bowl slot.

Here are the ACC/Notre Dame related changes:

  • HELLO SAN DIEGO! The Holiday Bowl will be ACC vs Pac 12 starting in 2020.
  • GOODBYE NASHVILLE! The Music City Bowl will be out of the rotation with the Gator Bowl starting in 2020. The MC Bowl will feature Big 10 vs SEC. The Gator Bowl will continue to be ACC vs SEC.
  • SHOPPING! The Belk Bowl will see a rotation of Big 10 and SEC schools vs the ACC.
  • BLOOMING ONIONS! The Outback Bowl will host an ACC school whenever a Big 10 is in the Orange Bowl. This used to be that sweet Citrus Bowl arrangement.

I know Notre Dame fans are never comforted by the deals with non NY6 bowl games, but they become a very big reality when Notre Dame drops a couple of games during the regular season.

I haven’t seen any changes to that GRANDEST of ACC bowl tie-ins, the Pinstripe Bowl. The ACC is contracted with the Pinstripe Bowl through the 2019 season, so maybe the Holiday Bowl is the replacement? At any rate... here’s to being Pinstripe Bowl champions!