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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly - “This is not just about throwing guys out there”

The Irish are trying to find its depth across the board this spring.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Pro Day Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish had a spirited spring practice session that started indoors, but moved outside to finish the day.

Much has been made already with some of the position changes Brian Kelly and Notre Dame are doing this spring. Some of it felt legit, and some of it just felt like a a normal spring move to balance the roster enough to put in the work needed to compete this fall.

Maybe we are justified in how much we have broke down some of the moves. According to Brian Kelly, these moves are for real — they are looking for the pieces to fit the puzzle. Kelly offered a strong statement after a question about Paul Moala’s move from safety to ROVER:

Could he [Moala] really play this year?

Oh sure, absolutely. This is not just about throwing guys out there. We’re taking time and effort and putting guys in the first and second rotation. We want to leave the spring and know we have guys who can compete for us against the top teams in the country. This isn’t just spin the wheel. I think we have to be able to guys at different positions, but also have an eye toward this guys can do the job for us, too.

During Kelly’s career at Notre Dame, there is a strong history of position changes in the spring. Not all of them have panned out, but a majority of them have — and they have been solid moves. As we continue to go through the spring process, I think we will really start to see what changes have the best chance to succeed, and which ones need another tweak.

What’s really encouraging about all of these moves that Notre Dame tries to make, is that Brian Kelly and his staff are developing competition. This isn’t a desperation situation. Irish fans should be excited as this team continues to do what is needed to compete at a national level.