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Build your own Notre Dame football team!

Quenton Nelson has dibs on all-time lineman.

Purdue v Notre Dame
Vontez Duff
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If you follow OFD on any of our social media accounts, you have already seen this image — this challenge. You have $25 to create a team (so to speak) out of some of the greatest players the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have put out on the football field during the last 17 years.

Choose ONE from each position
Twitter @bridgetgoirish

If you’re asking, “WTH MAN?! WHERE’S THE OFFENSIVE LINE?!” I’ll give you an honest answer... it was just too many columns. Quenton Nelson is your god and he will be your all-time offensive lineman.

We gave some thought with all of this, so if you are offended in some way about why a player is a certain dollar amount — try NOT being so offended. This is for fun.


  • QB Tommy Rees
  • RB Julius Jones
  • WR Golden Tate
  • TE Anthony Fasano
  • DL Justin Tuck
  • LB Courtney Watson
  • DB Tommy Zbikowski

Please line your team up in the comments below. We’ve had some excellent responses across our social media outlets so far, and let me take a quick moment to remind you where to find us.


Have fun, and if you want to make this spicier... try it with $22.