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Join OFD’s March Madness Bracket Challenge For The Men’s 2019 NCAA Tournament

You know you still want to (and probably already did).

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four Practice Brian Spurlock -USA TODAY Sports

You’ll have to forgive me a little bit here. With the Notre Dame Fighting Irish nowhere near a postseason tournament bracket, I was a little slow in putting this together. I wanted nothing to do with the NCAA Tournament with the Irish missing out for the second year in a row. I refused to watch the selection show, and instead... I put my feelings in a tiny little box, shove them in another box with dynamite strapped to it, and then toss it into a bonfire.

Yay March!

So now that I’m an emotionless bot, we can get down to business: BRACKET PICK-EM TIME. I created a group for all of us OFDers to use to pick the 2019 NCAA Tournament. The good news is that we won’t have some weird loyalty pick that somehow makes it to the Sweet 16 (for the second year in a row).


This is for fun, so the winner will receive all the glory and honor one can receive on a college sports site.

If you still need a printable bracket for the tournament, we have you covered there as well:


We thank you for your time.