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Women’s Basketball: NCAA Bracket Leaked by ESPN

A faux pas indeed

NCAA Womens Basketball: Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament - Louisville vs Notre Dame Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


We have a bit of breaking news! *SIRENS*

Apparently, ESPNU was running men’s bracketology programming this afternoon when something came up on the side ticker. It was actually the LEAKED Women’s NCAA Tournament bracket. It’s looking like it is the true one. We can update you all when the “official” bracket comes out tonight, but this seems to be legit.

If you click on the tweet, you can see the thread.

Another tweet that shows someone wrote out the whole bracket:

Shout out @BlakeDuDonis for all of this.

How This Connects to Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are slated, in this leaked bracket, to be the #1 seed in the Chicago region. They would play the #16 seed Bethune-Cookman. The Irish host that game at Purcell Pavilion and then next game as well when they would face the winner of Michigan State and Central Michigan (FIRE UP CHIPS).

Louisville, Baylor, and Mississippi State are the other #1 seeds. It’s unconfirmed, but that might make the Irish the #2 overall team in the tournament. We will have to wait for the REAL bracket to confirm that.