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This App Lets You Buy Personal Greetings From Former Notre Dame Athletes

For as little as $12, you can get personalized video messages from a handful of former Fighting Irish stars.

julian love notre dame Mike Miller/One Foot Down

If you’ve ever wished you could get a custom video message from some of your favorite celebrities, turns out it’s relatively simple. Cameo is a company/mobile app that lets people “book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people.”

It’s pretty straightforward. You pick from the roster of famous people, fill out a form with what you want them to either say or talk about, and the video gets sent to you later. Different names take longer than others. Included in that roster though are a handful of former Notre Dame athletes from various sports.

Here’s a breakdown of the former Notre Dame athletes on Cameo’s roster and what they charge:

Dexter Williams - $12

Julian Love - $15

Michael Floyd - $20

Nicholas Watkins - $15

Tyler Eifert - $100

Johnny Romano (former Notre Dame mascot) - $15

Kayla McBride - $25

Sergio Perkovic - $20

Malik Zaire - (temporarily unavailable)

Some folks keep it simple and ask for birthday shoutouts, some people ask for advice, some people ask for mini-endorsements for their small business. One guy apparently even bought a video from Drake Bell from Drake and Josh to get people to come a fraternity meeting.

I’m sure you can get pretty versatile with the requests. Kayla McBride recorded a pretty long video encouraging a young girl to keep working hard at basketball and in school. Then you have former Leprechaun Johnny Romano just wishing some folks a happy St. Patty’s day from a party...which definitely has its place too. If you want, you can even pay Tyler Eifert $100 to trash talk your fantasy football league.

They say getting a selfie with a celebrity is the new autograph, but something like this probably works pretty well too. For (in most cases) just a few dollars, it’s not a bank breaker either. Technology is cool sometimes.