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Notre Dame Basketball: The 2019 ACC Tournament Bracket

You never know... STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish start their ACC Tournament run (we are being optimistic) on Tuesday afternoon against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at 2:00 EST on ESPN. One of Notre Dame’s three ACC wins this year actually came against Georgia Tech — so there is a chance the Irish can win and advance. Here is how the rest of the ACC tournament bracket looks like:

Because of the way the ACC Tournament works, there is no guessing what will happen if the Irish win. Should Notre Dame get past the Yellow Jackets, they will face the Louisville Cardinals at 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday. If the Irish can somehow manage to beat that ridiculous bird teeth team, they will face the North Carolina Tar Heels on Thursday at 7:00 PM EST.

I suppose it is March Madness and anything can happen — so until the bad stuff does happen, I’m going to jump in this big bowl of concrete and hope for the best.

Go Irish!