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Notre Dame Football: The Irish make spring moves right away and announce injuries

Avery Davis is a traveling man.

Michigan v Notre Dame
Avery Davis
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish start spring practice this week, and Brian Kelly got in front of the media for his annual press conference. Some of the more pressing questions going into each spring are:

  • Who is injured?
  • Which players might move to another position.

We got a lot of clarification from Kelly today as well as a little bit of a surprise.


This list basically means that even if they are able to be on the field going through a few things, they aren’t healthy enough for full contact.

  • DT Hunter Spears
  • CB Shaun Crawford
  • OL Colin Grunhard
  • LB Jack Kiser
  • DT Ja’Mion Franklin
  • CB Donte Vaughn

No surprises there as each one of those players and their particular injuries have been reported here at OFD.


Now we get to the interesting stuff. Please remember that a spring move doesn’t always mean a forever move (although it honestly looks that way this year).

  • RB Avery Davis to Cornerback
  • OL Darnell Ewell moves back to Defensive Tackle
  • LB Ovie Oghoufo moves to defensive end
  • S Houston Griffith to Cornerback
  • WR Chase Claypool moves to the W position vacated by Miles Boykin

Avery Davis being moved again was a little surprising, but given the numbers at running back and Notre Dame’s willingness to really open up the cornerback competition (also with a couple guys down) I think it makes sense. It’s certainly worth a try.


Wide Receiver Javon McKinley remains suspended until the legal issues are resolved. McKinley was arrested earlier this year for underage drinking and assaulting a police officer. All charges were presented as misdemeanors.